A Unique Academy 100% Immersive in English


Our English school welcomes your children, aged 2 and 12, to participate in our various educational programs: preschool, kindergarten, and after school care. We provide a completely anglophone environment that is overseen by our Montessori-trained, professional teaching staff.

A unique, educative, and innovative approach to learning

An environment that is
100% immersive in English

Every program and workshop at our school is delivered solely in English. Each one has been devised to help the children develop at their own pace while simultaneously learning the English language through various musical and fun, interactive workshops!

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Our pedagogic

The members of our professional team are formally trained in the educational programs we apply in our classrooms (most notably, Montessori). This allows us to offer each child a personnalized learning plan that allows them to develop at their own pace, guided by their own curiosity and personal interests. Our mission is to help your children develop their abilities to the fullest and become more autonomous.

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A cosy and
secure environment

Our schools are adapted to children’s sizes and each one welcomes the children into a newly-renovated, colorful, and luminous setting. Each space has been designed to favor collective learning, with quality material and practical furniture available.

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Our programs

for 2-3 year olds

We offer our own curated learning programs and educational content. Your children will enjoy a year of discovery and excitement in an exclusively anglophone enivronment. This important first step in English language learning has been specifically designed for children aged 2-3 years old and follows the Montessori pedagogy.

for 3 to 5 year olds

This is a fundamental stage in the education of your child. Our program adheres to expectations set by the Education Nationale and is further supported by a strong foundation of personnalized teaching. Our approach takes into account the importance of human emotions and creativity; it is Montessori-based and given exclusively in English.

After School Educational Workshops
for 3 to 12 year olds

We offer after-school workshops every day of the week, as well as on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Our multi-disciplinary approach guarantees a day full of enriching and lively activities that will provide children with positive learning experiences. Each workshop follows a different theme and is devised to spark children’s curiosity and make them feel more enthusiastic about learning English.

We also offer workshops to children

between the ages of 3 and 12.

English Lessons

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What our students’ families have to say about us…

The Garden Academy is an institution we recommend! My children (who were not raised bilingual) joined at the start of the school year for their first year of preschool. We have been continuing this adventure for nearly four years now.

The children are taken care of as soon as they finish school for the day and enjoy well-organized activities suitable for their age and level; all of this is given solely in English and they have no difficulty understanding what’s going on.

I recommend the school not only for its great atmosphere and teaching staff, but also for its primary goal of attuning our children’s ears to a new language!

Our son (French native) has attended the Garden Academy afterschool for the 2020/21 school year. We are very satisfied with the progress he made both in English and in acquiring skills. The curriculum and activities are varied and he always looks forward to going to the Garden Academy . Very sweet and dedicated staff. We appreciate the small class sizes and good learning support

Our daughter Elisa first joined the Garden’s after school programme in 2017 after we heard various positive accounts about the Academy from other parents. Even though our daughter is a native English speaker, the Garden was able to offer activities in English that allowed her to express herself and build her confidence. The Garden is different from other after school programmes because it sets out its programme with specific objectives for each session. In addition to its friendly staff of native English speakers, the Academy also has excellent facilities and a variety of activities ranging from music education to teaching Mandarin. Our daughter has also taken advantage of the Garden’s piano and singing classes, vacation camps and even birthday party organization. An additional advantage for us is the pick-up service offered by the Garden from Elisa’s school. We are delighted with our daughter’s experience at the Garden and we highly encourage other prospective parents to take a look!

“We’ve been very pleased with the progress our daughter Thelma (2 y.o. at the start of the school year) has made at The Garden, and with the quality of the teaching and supporting staff in the classroom. With a limited number of children (6-7) there is great individual attention for each child. Beyond the day-to-day teachings, which are great, children are also exposed to musical instruments, singing, yoga, foreign languages (Mandarin), and parents are kept in the loop of the topics covered at school to discuss them at home with their child. The Garden is also fully-immersive in English, with actual native speaking teaching staff, which is a key criterion for us.”

“We joined The Garden Academy, Theodore Deck mid session after getting some great feedback from mom groups in social media and our own friends. My son has walked in every single day happily for his preschool program and despite joining mid session we are already seeing some remarkable changes in him. Different activities, music classes etc are very interesting and very thought through for child development. The emphasis on making kids independent for their daily activities is really wonderful. Amy and Karima are both outstanding and we are very grateful to them.”

“The activities at The Garden are high quality and the kids go out every day which is great! Also the team shares daily updates and photos of the kids day with the Famly app. This is great to have a sneak peek of the kids day and good memories to share with the whole family.

“We would highly recommend The Garden, for the amazing richness of activities you have organized with children. Perfect balance between a very well thought, rigorous and structured program, and fun for children. Estella was super well followed, with regular assessment, and she had massive progress during these months. We loved the fact that all the team members are native speakers and take great care of each child. From music, to sensory activities, mandarin classes, yoga, everything was done for children to improve their skills in a very warm environment. Thank you so much!”

“We were desperate to change the garde partager and it was fate that The Garden was opening a campus around the corner from our house. It was exactly what our 2.5 yo son, Leopold, needed – a nurturing and encouraging environment in English. He had developed a small speech delay and within 6 months of attention, he was back on track. I give credit to all the teachers at The Garden who continually created an environment where he was able to grow. He goes to school every morning excited and leaves 100% fulfilled. It’s not just a place that takes care of your child but a place where they can be themselves, continually be challenged, and bloom. I cannot say enough good things about The Garden, more precisely the staff. They have been incredibly patient and loving to the children – they go explore the market, they learn Yoga and Chinese, they experience music in a real way. I could go on and on about The Garden but it would never do It justice. I guarantee you will not regret this decision. I feel bad I didn’t find it earlier for my eldest when he was younger. ”

Our Immersive English Schools

Much more than a bilingual school…

École Paris 7

7 rue Valentin Hauy

École Paris 15

17 rue Théodore Deck

École Paris 5

44 rue Fer à moulin

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