English vacation camps for children in Paris

For children from 3 to 10 years old

Our 100% immersive English courses offer the best results in discovering or deeping English language through numerous activities.

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More than 250 families have been won over by The Garden Academy
Devenir bilingue sans effort

Become bilingual effortlessly

Regularly immersing your child in a 100% English environment will allow them to form a solid foundation for the language. They will be able to comprehend the language quickly and express themselves fast at an age where learning comes easy.

Développer sa confiance en soi

Learn while having fun

Our desire is to develop children's curiosity and make them excited about learning through a "fun-tastic" environment. A new theme for each school holiday that will invite them to travel and explore throughout the week.

Favoriser la réflexion personnelle

Blosson in a stimulating environment

These camps are an opportunities for children to be exposed to international culture. The offer all children a way to flourish in a postive and stimulating atmosphere through tailor-made experiences, all in small groups.

Bien plus qu'un centre de loisirs

Much more than a leisure center, The Garden Academy is a unique immersive experience

Our native English speaking teachers and animators offer a new theme each school holiday. The 100% English immersive environment allows for more effective language learning. Unlike classic English lessons for children, our classes provide are a rich experience due to the diversity of activities, engaging environment and high quality supervision. Offer your child an unforgettable holiday!

A variety of workshops suitable for all ages

The Garden Academy holiday camps are an opportunity for children to discover new activities adaptd to their age. Each day, different workshops are offered in connection with a theme: music workshops, science, reading, arts, sports and games. These workshops allow children to develop their creativity, fine motor skills, logic and of course, their English! The Garden not only takes care of children during the school holidays but offers a real experience that accompanies children's fast development.

des ateliers variés
des progrès en anglais assurés

Progress in English guaranteed!

All activities are taught in English, which helps to quickly improve language comprehension and expression. Take advantage of the school holidays to immerse your child regularly, from an early age, in an English speaking environment and give them a chance to master English effortlessly!

Who are these English courses for?

langue maternelle anglaise
For children whose native language is English
enfants bilingues anglais
For children immersed in a bilingual universe
langue maternelle français
For children who live in a French-only, or other, speaking works
Groups are made up of different ages and abilities, allowing everyone to evolve at their own pace and flourish, whether they have already mastered the language or are just discovering it.

Hear it first hand from our parents

"The Garden Academy is an institution that we recommend! My children (who were not at all bilingual) joined the institue as soon as then began petit section and we have been pursuing it for almost 4 years now, every year is an adventure"
Alma's mom
"Our 7 year old daughter participates every year in 2-3 holiday courses at The Garden. We are very satisfied with the quality of supervison and the diversity of activities offered. She has made a lot of progree since starting and can now understand and speak the language with ease"
Elisa's mom
"The team is made up of native English speakers, which makes the difference! My 4 year old son took part in 2 camps this year and is always happy to go back "
Adam's dad

The English courses take place during each school holiday - Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m to 6:20 p.m

Organic snacks are provided to children in the morning and afternoon. Lunch is not included, it is necessary to bring a picnic lunch

Rates for 5 days

50% tax exemption applicable up to 6 years

Full day

450 €

Half day

For 3 year olds only
340 €

The registration process

Simply contact us via the form indicating your contact details and the center you wish to register in. Our team will get back to you quickly to finalize registration, subject to availability.
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During our immersive English courses...


Each week, a new theme is set up, serving as the common thread connecting all of the activities proposed during the camp: musical workshops, science, reading, arts and crafts, sports and games!


Rest and reading times are scheduled at regular intervals throughout the day, allowing children to recover during the day to promote the integration of all the knowledge acquired during our activities.


Music workshops give children the opportunities to continue their studies in English while learning the principles of music, rhythms and sounds. These activities also contribute to the development of their English vocabulary


Outdoor activities are organized everyday and take place once or twice a day, weather permitting. These moments outside are essential to let off steam and to optimal learning conditions  during classes.


Throughout the camp, rituals are put in place within the different groups, songs sung by the whole group to reinforce the spirit of camaraderie and reinforce the children's mastery of the English language.


Related to the theme of the week's camp, these workshops promote the learning of techniques of drawing, perspective and fundamental principles of art (color, composition, texture, balance, etc. ...)

Upcoming camps 2022 - 2023

stages vacances Toussaint

October 20th to 24th

stages vacances Toussaint

October 31st to November 4th

stages vacances Hiver

December 19th to 21st

stages vacances Hiver

December 26th to 29th

stages vacances Hiver

February 20th to 24th

stages vacances Hiver

February 27th to March 3rd

stages vacances Printemps

April 24th to 28th

stages vacances Printemps

May 1st to 5th

stages vacances été

July 3rd to 7th

stages vacances été

July 10th to 14th

stages vacances été

July 17th to 21st

stages vacances été

July 24th to 28th

stages vacances été

August 28th to September 1st

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Our 3 Parisian centers for holiday camps

école maternelle bilingue Paris 5
Paris 5
44 rue Fer à moulin
école maternelle bilingue Paris 7
Paris 7
7 rue Valentin Hauy
école maternelle bilingue Paris 15
Paris 15
17 rue Théodore Deck