The Garden Summer camp

Stuck in Paris this summer? Are you considering sending your child to summer camp or a language stay in the USA, England or even to a campus in Canada to learn English?

To grant your child an international, fun, and educational experience 100% in English, another choice is available to you.

The Garden Academy offers parents, young children, and pre-teens a much simpler solution by organizing Summer Camps in France, in the heart of Paris, during the summer holidays!

Unique Summer Camps in Paris

Experiencing a Summer Camp in Paris, France is possible. Designed by professional teachers and supervisors, The Garden Academy summer camps are aimed at all children and pre-teens, English or French speaking, of all language levels, ages 3 to 10 years old.

With a different theme each week

The Garden Academy summer camps are much more than holidays at a day camp or language studies at a language school.

Our summer camps expose young participants to a total immersion in English, to meet new friends, to discover new artistic and sporting activities, to play and learn in a suitable environment. They are supervised by education professionals who can offer them various enriching activities using proven methods such as Montessori, STEM, Freinet and Reggio Emilia.

Children and pre-teens learn as much as possible independently and thus make their own choices

They develop their critical sense and experience the language themselves. This is what sets apart our summer camps from English language courses at school or other summer camps.

A perfectly application of American heritage

For 50 years, summer camps in the USA have welcomed young Americans from the four corners of the country to discover new activities while learning the golden rules such as sharing, tolerance, respect for others and autonomy. We have incorporated these principles into our summer camps at The Garden Academy, using innovative educational methods adapted for children from a very young age.

An international environment in France

There is no need to organize a language study abroad at a campus in England, the USA, Canada, another country, Cambridge, Los Angeles or Toronto, to allow your child to experience the summer camp fully immersed in English

5 to 6 weeks per year, The Garden Academy offers, in the heart of Paris and in 3 different centers, fully immersive summer camps in English led by a native English-speaking supervisory team who immerse children and pre-teens in the culture and the English language.

The young participants in our Summer Camps, from various nationalities and several countries around the world, are immersed for a week in a truly international environment to enjoy athletic, cultural and artistic activities 100% in English. We welcome children and pre-teens growing up in an English-speaking environment (Americans, English, etc.), in a bilingual or entirely French home.

Measurable progress in English

To improve their level of English and develop their fluency in foreign languages, our summer camps have a 100% success rate. At the end of the week, the progress of the participants is remarkable. Our secret? Total immersion in varied, educational, athletic and fun activities that promote learning, and are designed by a team trained in active pedagogies.

We do not just offer English courses, language stays or activities offered in a leisure center. We go further by developing a quality program adapted to participants, according to their age and their level of English, in order to allow them to learn at their own pace, to flourish, to develop their self-confidence and to promote their well-being. All the activities that we offer to children and pre-teens during our summer camp weeks are based on quality teaching that is fun, challenging and thoughtful, which we have developed based on a mixed Franco-American program.

What does a day of summer camp at The Garden Academy look like?

5 quality workshops adapted to each age on the theme of the week around music, science, theater, reading…

2 outings to the park during the day to play and do sports. Varied outdoor activities, adapted to participants according to their age for a fulfilling experience, with their well-being and learning in mind.

Regular quiet time and naps to maintain a good level of concentration, integrate new concepts, encourage creativity, interact one-on-one with supervisors and facilitators.

Moments of coming together to share their experience, learn more about each child, their experience, their country of origin, and to master the English language.

Timetables and practical information


5 weeks of Summer Camps are offered during the month of July, as well as 4 weeks in August, in 3 districts of Paris (15th, 5th, 7th). In total, we offer 8 to 9 weeks of summer camps in Paris, France and an abundance of different themes to inspire children and pre-teens.

Week of July 1 to 5

Week of July 8 to 12

Week of July 15 to 19

Week of July 22 to 26

Week of July 29 to 31

Week of August 5 to 9

Week of August 12 to 16

Week of August 19 to 23

Week of August 26 to 30


Our summer camps take place from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at a school in Paris.


A week of camp €450 for families already members of The Garden Academy and €500 for new families.


Organic snacks are provided in the morning and afternoon and are included in our rates. However, it is necessary to provide a lunch box for lunch.

To register your child, it’s very simple: you can fill out this form and our team will contact you!