English Courses for Children in Paris During School Holidays

3 – 10 years old

English Courses in Paris: Immersive, Fun, and Productive Learning

Starting at age three, The Garden Academy welcomes children to an immersive course during school holidays to learn English through creative games and a teaching method that encourages experimentation.

A fun and positive experience

Having fun during holidays, meeting new friends and creating memories in an all English speaking environment. This is what The Garden Academy offers through its 100% immersive holiday courses in English. Throughout the week, qualified native English speaking teachers will host children to participate in games, interactive and enriching activities around the arts, science, music, singing, reading…all of this while learning to speak English naturally.

Vacation Camps at The Garden…much more than an English course!

During Vacation Camps at The Garden, children participate in five workshops a day that are adapted to their age so they can independently discover as much as possible. Each of these activities throughout the day is a new opportunity for children to learn English. Active participants of their own learning, children experience language immersively. This is what separates vacation camps at The Garden Academy from other English courses, whether delivered in person or online.

Being Open to a New Environment

Every year, during school holidays, The Garden welcomes children to its three schools in Paris. Families have regularly entrusted their children to our school for several years where friendly and long lasting relationships are developed. Vacation Camps during school holidays are a great place for children to meet new friends from around the world, while naturally acquiring a new language, its vocabulary, accent and learning a new culture.

Progress in English Guaranteed!

Groups of children are formed according to age and language level in order to allow each of them to evolve and flourish at their own pace whether or not they have already mastered the English language. Our exercises are always offered in the form of games and hands-on learning. This allows children to familiarize themselves with the English language and vocabulary without building any self-consciousness around learning a foreign language. This method of learning, which is both fun and demanding, is an excellent introduction to any subject. Depending on what each family’s educational goals are, this can be strengthened at home, progress through physical or online English lessons, but also work while learning alongside a friend that children meet during our courses.

Who are these English courses for?

For children whose native language is English

For children immersered in a biligual universe

For Children who live only in a French or non-English speaking environment

Groups are made up of different ages and abilities, allowing everyone to evolve at their own pace and flourish, whether they have already mastered the language or are just discovering it.

The English courses take place during each school holiday
Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m

Organic snacks are provided to children in the morning and afternoon.
Lunch is not included, it is necessary to bring a picnic lunch

Rates for 5 days

50% tax exemption applicable up to 6 years

Full day

500€ (450 € for members)

Half day morning

300 € (250 € for members)

Admission procedure

Only after a physical tour in one of our three schools or a meeting by video conference can we consider a registration request for our Academy. Registration is finalized once we receive your documents which you will receive following our interview.

During our immersive English courses…


Each week, The Garden Academy provides varied and creative workshops that are adapted to the age and ability of each child. Workshops are built around the time of year while using a theme that encourages childen to learn while having fun.


All children observe quiet and reading time at regular intervals throughout the day to promote learning while maintaining concentration to encourage creativity. Rest times are also provided for the youngest and for those who feel the need.


Music is a great tool for learning a new language. Thanks to rhythm, rhymes, and sometimes poetry, children memorize very easily and enrich their English vocabulary. Music is a fun and effortless way to learn a new language.


Every day, weather permitting, children enjoy outdoor activities at a nearby park for 30 minutes in the morning and afternoon. Exercising and having fun further promotes learning.


During the week, routines are set up within different groups of children. This helps strengthen the spirit of camaraderie and promotes children’s integration into learning. These moments play a key role in language development.


While adhering to the theme of the week, creative workshops allow children to discover pencil, paint or charcoal drawing, while also mixing colors and textures. Depending on the child’s age, children will also be able to acquire more advanced techniques of drawing in perspective.

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