2 to 3 years old

The Garden Academy welcomes children between the ages of 2 and 3 years old into our preschool program. Much more than a biligual creche in Paris, this program prepares children for entry into kindergarten in a 100% English speaking environment. It is in a suitable and safe environment that your child will explore their own passions and develop the skills they need to thrive both in school and life. Learning. English will happen naturally thanks to total immersion and highly qualified native English speaking teachers.


Yoga classes, mindfulness meditation sessions, gardening workshops…we offer a wide range of pratical life experiences as well as academic and dartisic subjects. The preschool teachers nourish and develop children’s curiosity through exciting, stimulating and positve experiences.


At 2 years old, children are real little explorers who gradually develop their motor skills and understanding of the world around them. At the Garden Academy, children will practice their motor skills and develop their knowledge through classic and modern stories. They will learn phonics, literacy and basic mathematical principles.


Our program enables children to reach their full potential at an age where learning is at its peak. Our belief is that children are independent individuals who learn more easily through hands on experiences in a small group setting. Our learning methods are active – the children learn while taking part in their learning, as advocated by Montessori pedagogy.

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Follow the delvelopment of your child on a daily basis thanks to an application that akkiws teachers to communicate directly with you. Recieve daily news and updates about your child and their day. Your child’s daily life will no longer be a mystery to you!

Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, 8:30 am to 4:00 pm for a full day program or until 11:30am for a half day program. Services: Children will be offered a snack in the morning, a catered lunch and a snack after naptime. The meals and diapers provided by the Garden Academy are organic to ensure the best for your children.

Our English preschool program is an opportunity for your child to learn about international culture. The program offers all children the possibility to flourish in a positive and stimulatiing atmosphere through tailor- made experiences in a small group setting. We go further than a bilingual school by offering total immersion and. arich educational program.

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Will introducing English to a child at such a young age slow down the acquisition of their mother tongue?2021-12-21T19:09:02+01:00

Absolutely not! Children are resourceful and are able to adapt to new environments at incredible speed. Second language acquisition will happen naturally with any given method. Neural paths are built and put into place which are reinforced by positive learning experiences while learning any new language.

What workshops are offered?2021-12-21T19:08:38+01:00

The Garden Academy offers many artistic and musical workshops as well as reading, writting, games, sports and well being activities.

What is the difference between full immersion and a bilingual school2021-12-21T19:08:10+01:00

Unlike a biligual school, The Garden offers a 100% English Environment. All activities take place exclusively in English, supervised by native English speaking teachers. In addition learning is fun and always a postivie experience at the Garden Academy.

What does a typical day in the preschool look like?2021-12-21T19:09:29+01:00

A typical preschool day starts with drop offs happening between 8h30 and 9h. Children are welcomed into class where they are encouraged to autonomously prepare themselves for the day by putting on slippers and washing their hands. Children have circle time every morning where they are introduced to a wide variety of new vocabulary, music, and activities based on developmental needs and interests. Our learning themes and objectives change every 1-2 weeks. Within each theme there are different workshops each day ranging from phonics, sensory, math and counting, arts and crafts, motor skills, and music and movement. We also have montessori workshops each afternoon that are applied based on the child’s developmental abilities. All of our programs are given through a positive, play based learning environment. Snacks are given every day along with our catered lunch program. Full day students also have a nap time that is taken each day after lunch. Half day students stay until 11h30, with full day students finishing their day at 16h.

What age can children start learning English2021-12-21T19:07:30+01:00

Children can learn English at any age but the optimal ages are between 2 and 6 years old while ears, mouths and palates are being formed. Learning happens especially quickly in an immersive environment.

Are the meals included in the fees for Preschool and Kindergarten?2022-06-27T13:56:29+02:00

Yes, the meals are included in our offer, including the morning and afternoon snack, nappies and other necessities. Meals and snacks are organic and we attach particular importance to the selection of our supplies and materials used during our various workshops.

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