Each school holiday, the planning starts again: how can I use this time wisely for my child? Taking time to rest. Having fun and learning. For many parents, finding a balance between the two is very important! So we start to plan and think of sports activities or creative workshops. In France, we think of language teaching. Isn’t this the perfect time to introduce my child to perfecting the language of Shakespeare? It is necessary to find the right formula that will be adapted as much to your educational needs as it is the needs of your child.

During school holidays, The Garden Academy welcomes children from ages 3 to 10 years old to a fun and interactive 100% immersive English course for a full week (with the exception of Christmas holidays where we offer pop-up weeks of 3-day courses). When in total immersion, children become familiar with the language by developing their knowledge through the arts, sports, cultural activities, and lessons adapted to their age level.

Holiday Courses : The Solution for Learning While Having Fun

If learning English is one of your educational goals for your child, there are almost as many methods to achieve this as there are parents! The right approach is the one that is adapted to your child, and adheres to your requirements.But how do you find exactly the right type of education in the multitude of offers in the Ile-de-France region, specifically in Paris?

There is an abundance of pedagogical options available during school holidays. These include individual or in person language courses, bilingual school, an English speaking nanny, online apps and training, holidays abroad and language stays. Courses during school holidays (sometimes referred to as day camp) can be an appropriate and effective approach to learning a new language in a suitable environment that is organized by trained teachers over the course of a week. This does not require too much of an initial investment or preparation for families.

Which Center and Course Should I Choose?

Parents will need to make a choice between different approaches and methods. From intensive courses to master classes, interactive and creative learning courses, artistic workshops, and sports activities. There are also English courses from home. For example, Mômiji offers these types of courses from home. Children choose a theme, receive their Mômiji kit in English in preparation, and finally a teacher comes to their home for an hour and a half per week to lead interactive lessons. These courses take the form of intensive, tailor-made private lessons according to the needs of the child, their level, and expected progress.

Vacation in English

Along with parents, holidays for children are synonymous with rest, leisure, discovery, sports, as well as time spent with family and friends. One of the interests of courses during the school holidays is precisely that….it happens during school holidays! At The Garden Academy, teachers create a relaxed atmosphere for learning. After all, students are on vacation! Children can take the time to experience new activities naturally in English. Each week of vacation camp has a particular theme: Halloween during Autumn break, Cinema during Winter break, The Solar System during Spring Break, etc. The different themes stimulate the child’s eagerness to learn while entertaining them at the same time! For example, music and singing are excellent means of linguistic immersion that we use throughout the entire week’s course. Introduction the theater offers all children, no matter their level, the possibility of developing their fluency and becoming comfortable with public speaking. Sports and games also allow children to discover new vocabulary without focusing exclusively on language learning. Weather permitting, we also organize two daily trips to the park.

A Week of Courses to Create Long Lasting Friendships and Memories

Holidays for children are also a time to create moments between groups of friends children might not see at school. With each course, children get to know one another and play together. They meet new friends and develop their social life outside of their school and family circle. Every day during vacation camps is an opportunity to create new friendships that they would not experience otherwise. They also create long lasting memories and acquire the English language in a way that they could not acquire easily during online courses.

Learning English Without Reservation

Learning English, or any other language during school holidays, takes the drama out of teaching and has a lighter approach to make learning more enjoyable. Whatever level your child is at, our team of experienced native English speaking professionals at The Garden Academy promote active pedagogies. This promotes the well being of each child so they do not feel inhibited or self conscious to speak and participate in English. They are not afraid that they will be judged by a mistake. We work in small groups to be able to emphasize oral English activities, an essential practice for learning a foreign language and building self-esteem. Our courses at The Garden Academy promotes children’s development well beyond their language skills to overcome all foreseeable boundaries. 

If you have questions or would like to register, please contact us using the online form. Remember to provide your contact details as well as your preferred center among our three schools in Paris (15e, 5e, 7e). Our team will get back to you quickly to finalize your request subject to availability.