Finding the perfect school for your child is a huge project, or rather a complex equation in which we try to reduce the number of unknowns. One of the very first criteria when choosing a school for your child is its proximity and accessibility. The Garden Academy welcomes children aged 2 to 6 in a 100% English-speaking environment, adopting active methods like those of Maria Montessori in its three establishments located in the heart of Paris and in arrondissements particularly popular with parents.

The Garden Academy’s preschool and kindergarten in the 5e arrondissement of Paris is a 140m2 single-storey space facing Square Théodore Monod. On the program: daily outings to the park and large living spaces, to help children blossom and develop. And to answer the question on every Parisian parent’s mind: it’s served by three metro lines: 10, 7 and 6! All are in the immediate vicinity of this bilingual French-English kindergarten, located between rue Monge and avenue des Gobelins.

Are you planning on coming to France or Paris this year and want your child to learn languages within a program that immerses them in an English environment? International families who are coming to Paris for a short time can send their children to The Garden knowing that they will be in a safe, positive learning environment whilst the parents are out working or enjoying the Paris life. Now, it’s not your standard daycare, The Garden programs are for those families looking to immerse their kids in an English bilingual environment and work on developing their understanding of the English language whilst having fun!

A program in tune with current expectations

The second question parents ask when enrolling their child in a school often concerns the program, from the canteen menu to the facilities available in the square and the place occupied by artistic activities within the school. The Garden Academy has designed a program that is perfectly in tune with the demands of today’s parents. In its schools, teaching teams combine academic subjects with artistic, creative and practical ones. Trained in so-called active pedagogies (Montessori, Freinet, Reggio Emilia, STEM…), the teachers apply precise methods and use adapted materials at the three schools in Paris.

The Garden Academy also offers a blended pedagogy. While adhering to the knowledge and skills requirements of the French national education system, a program combining two complementary curricula is taught in all three schools: the American curriculum, with its emphasis on group work and oral expression, and the French curriculum. In this way, The Garden Academy is truly an international school, right down to the implementation of its unique pedagogical program. Having an international teaching staff that is well experienced in different approaches to learning whether that be play based learning, Montessori, STEM, ensures the staff know what techniques to apply depending on the situation or child and that the kids are consistently having fun, are engaged and most importantly happy while learning English or French.

International families who come to Paris will find many bilingual Montessori school options for their children. However, The Garden Academy looks to separate themselves from the rest by developing a curriculum that blends different pedagogical approaches that focus on a positive classroom environment. The children learn and develop their understanding of English whilst completing fun and engaging activities the children enjoy!


Active teaching methods

The Garden looks to foster a community or family in France based around children learning and developing in a positive environment. Many English, French and other international families join us within any one of our programs (preschool, kindergarten, after school activities, vacation camps) because they want this English / bilingual immersion experience but also because of the use different teaching practices like Montessori & Reggio where the kids are learning about life and developing their skills within a fun music or art class activity.

The teachers allow children to gain autonomy, sharpen their critical sense and progress at their own pace. During their time in the program the kids will develop their curiosity and autonomy by being exposed to a wide range of activities. The teaching teams at The Garden Academy are trained in active teaching methods. They use materials recommended by Maria Montessori, Freinet, STEM or Reggio Emilia, depending on the activities chosen, the profile of each child and even the time of day! The teachers at The Garden Academy adapt to the children’s needs at every moment, and pay particular attention to parents, accompanying them at every stage of their development.

Individualized support

Another question every parent asks before enrolling their child in school: how many children will there be in the classroom? It’s a legitimate and oh-so-important question, because the number of children – and teachers – determines the quality of the environment, the quality of the teaching and the quality of (school) life. The Garden Academy school in the 5e arrondissement of Paris welcomes a total of just 24 children. According to Maria Montessori, the stages of a child’s psychological and emotional development depend on the way his or her environment – at home and at school – responds to his or her needs. This is crucial to the child’s self-awareness, personality and approach to the world. It’s essential for developing their social skills and optimizing the formation of their intelligence. But what does it mean to meet children’s needs? It’s not just rudimentary, it’s also about considering the child as an individual, with all that that implies. At The Garden Academy, in the 5e , 7e and 15e arrondissements of Paris, classes never exceed 12 students, and the teaching team – made up of referents, outside contributors and PhD professors – is large enough to provide high-quality, perfectly individualized teaching.

Immerse yourself in English language and culture

The children who attend The Garden Academy live in an international environment, alongside other children of different nationalities. The well-trained teaching staff are also native English speakers. The teachers come from England, Ireland, Australia and South Africa, and all bring their own cultural backgrounds to the school. As we have many different international families at The Garden, the children are blessed with a classroom environment where they learn about many different cultures whilst they learn.

Children in pre-kindergarten (age 2) at one of our three schools receive an all-English education. Then, in kindergarten (ages 3 to 6), children receive a bilingual education: half the day is spent in French and the other half in English. This timetable enables French speakers to progress in English, and English speakers to improve the language of their host country. This is also what non-French-speaking families are looking for: bilingual immersion for better integration thanks to the learning of French, combined with the landmarks and references of their country of origin, along with English.


For children of all levels in English and French

The Garden Academy accepts beginners, bilinguals and native speakers of both French and English. Classes are divided into groups according to each child’s level, with the aim of promoting each child’s well-being and learning. Maria Montessori’s pedagogy is based on the development of each child’s personality, with the emphasis on autonomy and respect for individual rhythms. This is a very important concept, and one that is naturally applied at The Garden Academy schools, thanks to the way they are organized and run, the high standards with which the teaching teams work in the classrooms, and the common sense to which the establishments appeal. Your child will play with color, music and movement whilst also developing their language, counting and math or their written and drawing skills. Our team uses many Montessori materials and toys, such as educational books, stacking games, logic games… the principle is always the same: to combine fun play based learning and the Montessori pedagogy, while allowing the child to make his or her own experience in English!

Extracurricular activities in English

The Garden Academy’s three schools, in the 5e , 7e and 15e arrondissements of Paris, offer after-school activities on Wednesdays and Saturdays, as well as during school vacations, for children aged 3 to 10. Having an after-school solution is also one of the first questions parents ask before registering their child. All extracurricular activities are conducted in English. The teaching teams run fun workshops on a variety of themes and interests, in line with the Academy’s pedagogical project, influenced by STEM methods, as well as those of Maria Montessori, Freinet and Reggio Emilia. The After-School program is taught completely in English and the native English-speaking teaching team offers children total immersion in English through fun, hands-on activities with rich educational content. Our teachers in the program develop children’s curiosity and autonomy by offering them a wide range of activities. In addition to the academic subjects such as phonetics, literacy, and fundamental mathematical principles, we invite them to explore the practice of yoga, using mindful meditation, gardening, and the arts, with special attention paid to music and singing, which remain at the center of our learning.