Dear Community, 

Following the government’s announcement, we would simply like to remind you of our engagement to provide a safe and happy place for your children. Our students well being remains all the more a priority as we continue to function through this global health crisis.

Our centers remain open and we will continue our workshops. For the families who rely on our school pickups, we continue this service as well. All private music lessons are maintained. We are committed to our students and aim to provide high quality education and support each child’s individual journey.

How can we help? By pursuing a continuity in their educational lives and always giving them a fun, positive atmosphere in which they may flourish.

Health measures & Covid

We take full measures to maintain good health in our community. Our staff and all students are required to follow guidelines :

Hand washing upon entrance, after each workshop, and before & after snacks, and finally at the end of the day.

Sneezing in a kleenex or in your elbow, then washing hands.

Respecting social distancing between adults.

All staff members wear masks at all times.

No adults are allowed into the center unless they have a rendezvous.

No child with a fever is admitted to the center.

Parents are required to pick up their child in case of a fever developed on site.

In case of any Covid like symptoms of the student or in your family, we request you inform The Garden management and take necessary precautions. The reception of the child is then prohibited. If these signs appear during the day, the child should be picked up immediately.

If ever we must close, we will first work to ensure educational continuity with online options. If this is not possible, the equivalent financial credits for your child to be used for the activity of your choice with no time limit.