Do you know about The Garden Preschool & Kindergarten?

Our Mission

The Garden is committed to providing a positive anglophone environment with optimal conditions for natural learning. We aim to provide high quality education and support each child’s individual journey.

The Preschool

The Garden Preschool, for children ages 2-3, provides the opportunities and the place for little ones to gain tools such as confidence, school readiness, oral expression, and the first steps to autonomy.

Through artistic projects, a strong musical program for auditory range, challenges in gross and fine motricity, sensory play, counting, songs, and carefully chosen books, children start their educational development using English vocabulary.

Most of all, we enjoy helping children gain a love of learning. Preschool at the Garden lays the foundation not only for bilingualism but for joyful and engaged children!

The Kindergarten

The Garden Kindergarten is the next step for children ages 4-5. No matter their background, children of this age relish learning.

Through the use of carefully chosen activities, we implement the American curriculum while respecting the National Education requirements here in France.

Our educators use methods from Freinet, Montessori, Reggio Emilia and STEM to ensure the most well rounded approach possible. Parallel to this, our music program hones in on each child’s linguistic and auditory development.

Whether your child is going to move on to an international school or to a public school, our goal is to equip them with the tools they need to adapt and to become successful, happy students.

The Faculty

Our educational team comprises native English speakers who specialize in language learning, child development, and positive educational methodologies.

Each of us enjoys using our respective specialties in music, sports, arts or literacy for transdisciplinary collaboration.

What makes us smile the most? Watching our students grow, smile, and share in their success!